Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Return of My Scraproom

I am so happy to say that I have my scraproom back!!! Back in August, I gave up my scraproom when my daughter, son-in-law and their 3 children moved in with us. I think along with the loss of my creative space, went most of my Mojo. The clutter of merging two households seemed to suck the creative juices right out of me. Happily, the kids are now getting settled in their new house and we are slowly putting ours back in order. I am still trying to get everything organized again, but I thought I would share some pictures of my room.

The room is a good size, with enough space to seat up to twelve for workshops. Which reminds me; I would like to thank my club members for putting up with my disorganization during the last few months!

If anyone has any great organization ideas, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!


Haley D. said...

No great ideas here, but I love your space. I'm glad to hear that your daughter and family now have a place of their own too.

Barbara said...

You have a wonderful craft room! I can only hope to get my room as organized and airy as this....this room is awesome! You lucky lady! Oh..and congrats on getting "your room" back. ;-)